Ted Strickland pulling ads from Dayton market as poll numbers fall 

Posted: 4:29 pm Friday, September 9th, 2016

By Staff Writer

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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland

Senate Democratic candidate Ted Strickland is scrapping $400,000 worth of TV commercials scheduled to air during the next two weeks in Dayton, Cincinnati, Youngstown and Toledo and shifting the money into the larger Columbus and Cleveland markets, according to Democratic officials. Strickland is challenging Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

David Bergstein, a Strickland spokesman, said “we are spending the same amount of money as we planned to over the next two weeks. Just like all campaigns we shift resources into different media markets throughout the race.”

On Friday, the new Quinnipiac University Poll showed the biggest gap yet in the Ohio Senate race showing Portman ahead of Strickland by 11 points.

Earlier this week, a superPAC backing Strickland also pulled $3 million in ads out of the Dayton market and others.