Buddie was a mistake, pot campaign director says 

Posted: 5:06 pm Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

By Staff Writer

Buddie, the superhero marijuana mascot, was a mistake. Another big mistake was picking 10 sites controlled by the campaign backers as the only legal places to grow marijuana.

In an open letter published Wednesday, ResponsibleOhio Executive Director Ian James acknowledged these mistakes but pledged to come back with a new plan to legalize weed that voters will find acceptable in 2016.

State Issue 3, the ResponsibleOhio plan, was defeated in a stunning landslide 65 percent to 35 percent on Nov. 3. It was opposed by business, health, civic and political leaders as well as pro-pot advocates.

James said he is seeking input on how to craft the next proposal. “We want to bring people together from all regions, backgrounds, parties and affiliations to have a respectful and thoughtful conversation. This includes speaking with pro-marijuana advocates, as well as listening to and working with the business, civic, faith, health and mental health and addiction service communities to better understand and address their concerns.”

Meanwhile, Ohio lawmakers signaled that they are open to crafting a limited medical marijuana program and other groups are seeking to put their marijuana legalization proposals before voters in November 2016.