Green Party opposes Issue 2 

Posted: 10:06 am Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

By Staff Writer

The Ohio Green Party is pulling back on its endorsement of state Issue 2 and now says voters should say no to it.

Issue 2 is a constitutional amendment proposed by state lawmakers to both block Issue 3 — the marijuana legalization amendment — and prevent business interests from using the state constitution to carve out monopolies, oligopolies, cartels or special tax treatments.

Initially, the Green Party endorsed Issue 2 but said Tuesday after taking a closer look it believes the issue’s “ambiguous wording” raises too many potential problems and vests too much power in the five-member Ohio Ballot Board to nullify citizen-initiated proposals.

“Any future initiatives regarding marijuana, single-payer healthcare, or even a local anti-fracking measure could be placed into a political black hole, never to be seen again,” the Green Party said in a written release.

The Green Party opposes Issue 3 as well.